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Welcome to Ardom Management & Holdings

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Located in the Arava region's sprawling desert

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Using innovative, advanced Agrotechnology

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Wide array of Services and Branches

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Applying scientific researches for desert environments

Advanced Agrotechnology
We have emerged as a leader in the efficient use of water, land and human capital, originating and utilizing new forms of farming, rendering benefits from our collaboration with the high-tech sector.
Wide Array of Services
We offer a wide range of services through our companies and branches, such as an agriculture testing lab, Propagation Materials, Telecommunications Services and Logistics.
Research & Development
Ardom hosts various scientific activities in applied & progressive research in agriculture in desert environment, focusing on identifying the relevant needs and priorities of the region’s agriculture.

Ardom M&H Is A Regional Enterprise In The Southern Arava Region, That Promotes The Well-being Of Our Citizens.

You can discover here many of our activities and projects!

A Sample Of Our Corporations & Branches

Technologically Oriented
We apply methods, systems, and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge for the further development of our region
Environmentally Aware
We are fully committed to the protection of our region's environment. The Eilot region is made mostly of sprawling desert, with unique, sometimes rare, wild life and flora. All our activity takes into consideration these assets of nature.
Commited to our Community
As a regional conglomerate, Ardom M&H has a long-standing commitment to give back to the communities we serve and belong to. That same commitment is also firmly ingrained in the hearts of our team members.
Alternative Energy Production R&D
The aim is to transform the region into an international center for research and development of technologies that produce renewable energy. Simultaneously, the project strives to render the region energy independent, and free of fossil fuel and carbon emissions by 2020.
IT Technologies
We apply computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data, in the context of a business and personal use in the region and in the country.
At Ardom we operate according to our belief that with cooperation we can reach optimum results. In this area in particular, but this goes to any where else just a much, cooperation between communities and regional bodies allow to maximize production and maximize the share of the manufacturer / farmer in the value chain.