Ardom Dates Factories

Ardom Regional Factories was founded in 1978 and is owned by 9 Southern Arava Kibbutzim- Yahel, Lotan, Neot Smadar, Nave Harif, Ketura, Grofit, Yotvata, Samar, and Elifaz.Over the years more than 80,000 date palms have been planted, mainly of the Medjool and Dekel Noor Varieties.The packing house packages the fruit in a wide range of carton packages – from 165 g of pitted fruit to 5 kg.The goal is to lead the international market and to open new markets. Export is executed by the marketing company “Hadiklaim”, which is jointly owned by Ardom and Tamar Shaan.In the local market we work with open markets and networks. Among our local customers- Edan Teva Market, Shupersal, Mega, Rami Levi, Yesh, and the open markets- from the Carmel to Mehane Yehuda.During the cultivating season the factory occupies up to 140 employees.In the coming years we will package 7,000 tons of dates, and we expect to control a respectable portion of the Medjool date marketing in Israel.