Ardom Water Association

The Ardom Water Association was established at the initiative of the ten Kibbutzim in the Arava region. The Association deals with the following topics:
A. Care and representation of the Kibbutzim in all matters regarding water for agriculture and household use.
B. Collaborates with the Water Authority, Ministry of Agriculture and Mekorot, Israel National Water Co. to initiate development of new water sources.
C. Manages scheduling of the regional agricultural water supply.

Ardom M&H together with Eilat city and the Eilot local council, established the Effluents plant.
This project was established in order to provide a sustainable solution to the area’s waste water. Up until then, the waste water from the city of Eilat were disposed to the Eilat bay.

In 1995 the inaugurated a waste water treatment system that transfers waste water to the dates plantation up to the northern border of Kibbutz Yotvata.

The 24 inch line, carries an amount of 2 million cubic meters. The plant also includes a large pumping station, a chlorination station and a filtering facility.

Since 1995 this project supplied more than 100 million cubic meters of water to the region’s dates plantations.